How to prepare for an online veterinary consultation?

Preparing medical documentation and symptom list Procedure of online consultation with a veterinarian Next Steps After the Consultation

Online veterinary consultations are becoming increasingly popular, offering quick access to professional help without leaving home. To fully benefit from this type of visit, it's important to prepare adequately.


Preparing medical documentation and symptom list

Preparing medical documentation along with a list of symptoms and observations of your pet is a crucial step before online consultations with a veterinarian. This allows the vet to quickly and accurately assess your pet's health, which is particularly important for remote visits where direct contact is not possible and may complicate diagnosis. Before your online consultation, make sure you have all the essential medical documents for your pet, including:

  • vaccination records,
  • a written history of illnesses (previous diagnoses, surgeries, lab test results),
  • names, doses, and frequencies of all medications your pet is taking.


Accurately describing symptoms and observations will help the veterinarian understand your pet's health issue, so

  • record all symptoms you have noticed in your pet. These could include changes in behavior, appetite, physical activity, excretion, breathing, skin, fur, etc.,
  • note how long your pet has shown each symptom and whether it worsens at specific times of the day or in specific situations,
  • document any changes in diet, new foods, supplements, or changes in daily routines that could be relevant for diagnosis.


For certain symptoms like skin changes, lameness, or unusual behaviors, it's useful to prepare photos or videos. These materials can be extremely helpful during online consultations, allowing the vet to better understand issues that may be difficult to describe verbally.


Procedure of online consultation with a veterinarian

When opting for an online consultation with a veterinarian, you need to follow just a few steps:

  • choose the specialist, appointment date, and time,
  • pay for the online consultation using online payment methods (PayU, PayPal, BLIK, credit card),
  • wait for the appointment in your chosen format: chat, video call, teleconsultation.


The online vet will start the consultation by asking questions about your pet's health issue. It's important to describe all symptoms and changes you have observed in detail. The more information you provide, the easier it will be for the vet to make a diagnosis. The vet may ask for simple tests or diagnostic maneuvers, such as checking temperature, assessing mucous membrane color, or evaluating the overall health of your pet. In some cases (e.g., dermatological issues), photos or videos prepared in advance can be helpful. Based on the information gathered, the vet will make a diagnosis and propose an appropriate treatment plan.


Next Steps After the Consultation

After completing the online consultation with the veterinarian, it's important to follow their recommendations. Therefore, it's helpful to take notes during the consultation and ensure that all information provided has been well understood. Don't hesitate to contact the vet again if you have any questions or concerns about your pet's health. Effective pet care after an online consultation involves both consistent adherence to veterinary recommendations and regular monitoring of your pet's health and living environment. Following these guidelines helps maintain your pet's good health and well-being for many years

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