The collaboration between the BioStat® Research and Development Center and Medfile® has led to the creation of another program - one dedicated to veterinarians. The unconventional approach of our employees, their comprehensive knowledge, and experience have been the key to success in developing the VetFile medical software. Thanks to VetFile, pet owners can gain better access to specialists and their professional assistance.

VetFile - what you should know about us

VetFile is comprehensive medical software designed for veterinarians, behaviorists, and animal physiotherapists. Directly from the system, a specialist can:

Umawiać wizytę

Schedule both
and e-Visits

Dodawać pacjentów

Add patients
and create
their records

Uzupełniać karty

Complete visit
cards and record
all essential information

Wysyłać SMS

Send SMS/emails to pet
owners to stay in constant
contact with them

Prowadzić konsultację

Conduct online
consultations from
anywhere in the world

Tworzyć wizytówkę

Create their own business
card and position themselves
on our website

Pomocna łapa

VetFile extends a helpful paw to pet owners is also an online service where pet owners can easily access assistance from qualified specialists via the internet. Our platform features many veterinarians who provide their services 24/7.

The innovation of VetFile is built on the foundation of its extensive capabilities. Pet owners can use various communication channels with the veterinarian, receive professional advice, recommendations for pharmacotherapy, or a diagnosis. They can also provide the doctor with the pet's medical history and analyze test results.

Say no to long queues, weeks of waiting for an appointment, or stress in the waiting room - thanks to VetFile, you can reduce all inconveniences.

VetFile software was created by BioStat®, a company with the status of a Research and Development Center. It is a commercial scientific unit that dynamically introduces new solutions to the medical market.