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VetFile helps veterinarians and veterinary facilities focus on treating animals.


VetFile Features

Everything needed to run a clinic, from reservations to settlements for free

Patient and Owner Management

Patient and Owner Management

Patient and Owner

Creating animal owner accounts, searching for animals and owners, creating herds and managing them, defining specific animal traits, configuring marketing consents.

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Medical Documentation

Appointment calendar with online booking capabilities, automatic SMS and email communication, complete documentation and visit history, Animal Treatment Book, ability to print the Animal Treatment Book with annotations, and much more.

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Medical Documentation

Medical Documentation

Visit Card with Symptom Visualization

Visualisation of ailments

Visit Card with Symptom Visualization

Ability to use the "Drawer" during visits, allowing marking, drawing, and highlighting symptoms on visualizations of a specific dog/cat.

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Online Visits

Online consultations with a veterinarian through chat, phone, and video calls.

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Online visits

Online Visits

Medication and Inventory Management


Medication and Inventory Management

Integration with pharmaceutical wholesalers, issuing prescriptions, inventory, inventory check, and medication history, access to the drug database, and the ability to print labels.

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Integrations with Laboratories

Functional module for integration with laboratories and diagnostic devices.

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Laboratory tests

Integrations with Laboratories

Payment Handling

Accounting documents

Payment Handling

Issuing invoices and bills, connection with fiscal printer, invoice and document search, online payments, accounting reports divided by doctors, clinics, and periods.

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Clinic website under the domain, promotion on the VetFile platform, discount codes, and more.

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Free cloud-based software designed specifically
for veterinarians:



Electronic Medical Record



Managing the clinic in one place.


Online Access

All features available in the cloud.

Konsultacje online

Online Consultations

Video chat with a veterinarian.

Oszczędność czasu

Time Savings

Online appointment scheduling.


Easy Operation

Intuitive interface, quick and easy clinic management.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is creating an account in VetFile's veterinary software always paid?

No! We offer our potential customers the opportunity to test VetFile software completely free of charge by creating a test account. Throughout the trial period, which is 14 days, they can test the veterinary software, add patients, schedule appointments, and check other functionalities to determine if it is suitable for them.

Does VetFile's veterinary software provide customers with access to technical support?

Absolutely. We guarantee customers full technical support from our experienced IT team. Our staff has years of experience working with PHP, JavaScript, HTML, Python. In case of any problems or malfunctions, we are able to restore the system to full functionality promptly. Additionally, all customers are also supported by our customer service office, which provides assistance in working with VetFile software.

What are the advantages of having VetFile's veterinary software?
  • Comprehensive support for veterinary clinics and specialized facilities, as well as reception,
  • Optimization of working time,
  • Access to software from a web perspective (computer, laptop, tablet, phone),
  • Ability to generate reports on facility activities,
  • Ability to issue necessary documents for patients.
Is it worthwhile to have a website for a veterinary clinic or facility?

We can assure all professionals that, indeed, it is. Having your own website will guarantee a significant increase in the number of appointments for your entity or business. Furthermore, it enhances recognition compared to competitors and provides the opportunity to establish an online presence.

After ending cooperation with VetFile, will the client receive all accumulated data?
Certainly, clients with whom we part ways receive all data from their profile in the program, in accordance with applicable legal regulations.